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Custom Printed Static Cling Inside Car Parking Permit Stickers

Printed on durable materials for use inside the car with Static Cling

Custom Printed Parking Permit Stickers with Face Static Cling

We carry a variety of custom parking permit stickers that can be fully customized by you with your choice of non numbered or with a consecutive numbered sequence you may need, send us your artwork or we can help you with the design at no extra cost!

These use static cling to attach to the wind shield of the vehicle, there is no ahesive involved and there will not be glue residue after removing, the static cling will be on the same side as the imprint. The Numbering will be printed with White Ink
These labels can be used by many organizations including:

  • Medical Centers and Businesses
  • Seasonal and Event Parking Passes
  • Marinas and Boat Docks
  • Government Buildings, Schools and more!

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Standard Colors Available for Custom Printed Stickers

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Standard Stocks/Materials for Inside Parking Permits Printed Stickers
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