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Sticker Materials

When choosing a sticker material, there are two basic categories to choose from. The first is Paper-based materials, such as White Gloss Paper, White Matte Finish Paper, Colored Papers, Fluorescent Papers (also referred to as Neon and Day-Glo colored papers), which are available in Pink, Red, Orange, Chartreuse and Green shades. Metallic Foils (Silver and Gold) also fall into this category, as most foil sticker materials are made by laminating a thin layer of foil to a paper base stock. These are available in both a Shiny (Bright Finish) and a Dull (Matte Finish). The other basic category is made up of "Film" stocks, sometime referred to as Synthetic or Man-made materials. These include Clear Film, White Film and Metallic Film, and these are made from various film types, such as Mylar (Mylar is the brand name for Dupont's Polyester), Polystyrene and BOPP Films (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene). Other materials in this category are Vinyl and Tyvek. Some materials available:

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Sticker Inks

Most of the stickers we produce, are printed with a process called Flexographic Printing, so our inks give you a very professional, high quality result. In most cases, these inks will outperform digitally printed stickers. These inks give you a very solid, bright finish that is both eye catching and durable. These inks are dried onto the sticker material with high volume, heated air dryers, so that they form a strong bond to the surface of the sticker material, making them smudge-proof and scuff resistant.

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How are Stickers made?

All our stickers are printed with high quality inks for professional use. We carry a large variety of materials, like paper, foil, polyester, vinyl and more to unsure the use of our stickers indoor or outdoor depending on your needs.

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Can my stickers be used outdoors?

Our stickers are all for indoor use unless specified, vinyl stickers and polyester stickers are commonly used outdoor and we print them using fade resistant inks.

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What are foil stickers made of?

Our foil stickers are made of paper with a foil coating, they can be ordered both in shiny or dull finish to assure your stickers can match your needs.

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Can my stickers be used on mailing items?

Yes, all our stickers can be used on standard mail, brochures, gift boxes, invitations and more unless specified.

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I couldn't find the size I was looking for.

Not a Problem! if you can't find the size, material, inks, shape combination you were looking for, you can request a Custom Printed Sticker Quote and we will help you get the right stickers you need.

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Why most of your stickers have round corners?

Our labels have round corners because they are easier to peel off this way, round corner stickers also give the stickers a smooth look. We can custom print stickers with square corners as well by requesting a Custom Printed Sticker Quote

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Will my stickers leave a glue residue on clothing?

All our stickers use a fabric safe adhesive (unless specified otherwise) and can be stuck to clothing without leaving glue on them, when stuck to other materials our labels are meant to stay on unless you select removable adhesive stickers.

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When will I receive my Laser-Inkjet stickers?

Most blank white stickers ship out in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the quantity ordered. Colored & Clear Stocks normally ship in 3 to 4 days.

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When will I receive my Thermal Transfer / Wafer Seal Stickers?

Most orders ship out in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the quantity ordered. Larger quantities may take longer.

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When will I receive my Fragile / Warning Stickers?

Most orders ship out in 24 hours, depending on the quantity ordered.

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When will I receive my Custom Printed Stickers?

Turnaround times vary by sticker type and complexity. If it is a custom quoted sticker, we will normally include a lead time with the quote.

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Can I order my stickers over the phone?

Yes. We have customer service representatives available during normal business hours to assist you, answer your questions or help you with an order.

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What if my stickers are not working properly?

You can return any defective products for a refund or replacement. Please Contact Us to make arrangements.

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