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Mailing and Brochures Sticker Seals

Our Mailing Stickers

Our mailing tabs and seals are the perfect stickers to seal envelopes, brochures, gift boxes, award envelopes, letters, promotional material and more. Made of high quality materials, they will easily peel & stick to paper materials and will stay on until peeled.
Our mailing labels are available in multiple sizes and materials including:

  • Clear Film
  • Gold and Silver Foil Paper
  • White and Frosty (translucent paper)
  • Clear Film
  • Colored Paper and more
Shiny and Matte Foil Notary and Certificate Seals
Foil Notary and Certificate Seals

The Perfect stickers to seal special event invitations, cards,...

Foil Paper Stickers
Foil Stickers

Foil Stickers to seal invitations gifts, brochures with elegance.

Envelope and Brochure Seal Labels
Envelope Seals

Special envelope seals like, smiley face, pink ribbon, brown k...

Stock Printed Labels
Stock Printed Stickers

Tester, Try me, DVD, Parental Advisory, Referrals and more.

Translucent Wafer Seals
Translucent Mailing Tabs

These labels are perfect to seal brochures and catalogs, made ...

Colored Paper Wafer Seals
Colored Paper Mailing Tabs

Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue and Fluorescent Pink Circle St...

Clear Poly Wafer Seals
Clear Poly Mailing Tabs

Crystal clear stickers to seal brochures, invitations, hand an...

White Paper Wafer Seals
White Paper Mailing Tabs

Made from matte paper, these labels can be written on, hand an...