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How to Place a Free Quote for Custom Printed Labels

Buying Custom Stickers is a new experience for many people, custom labels are great way to add any information to products or mailers that was not part of the original print or to highlight a special feature of your product, we can help you get the correct labels for the job, below you will find information on how to place a quote but if you need any other information we will be happy to assist you further, our live chat is a popular way to talk about your labels and you can contact us there any time.

First Step: Contact Information

First we need the information to contact you when the proof is ready, our proofs are hosted online and a link is set to you to review your quote, so the first step requires an email address to send the quote to, from time to time your emails are caught by spam filters due to words like "Quote" which make some spam filters think that our proof emails are junk, so it would be good to keep an eye on your spam folder.

Second Step: Label Information

Now that we have a way to contact you with the proof, we need to know what kind of labels you need. You can be very specific here, you can tell us the size of the labels in inches or metric system, more common label sizes are meassured in inches, for example a 2" width and a 1" height rectangle, if you are unsure you can just let us know a round figure of what your labels need to be and we can help you figure the right size.

If your labels will be used on documents or products that will not be exposed to weather or water you can choose Indoor Labels, if they will be subject to weather/water then you must choose outdoor. Choosing the material and color combination makes a big difference in the design of your labels, but we will be tehre to help you choose the best material and color for the job.

Third Step: Artwork & Extra Details

We accept a variety of file formats for artwork, the best results come from vectorized artwork in EPS or AI format, the highest resolution you can give us the sooner your proof will be done, If you do not have artwork you can also just specify the text you want printed, we can also help you design your labels with clipart of your choise, you can attach any images you want on your artwork under the artwork files

Due to the issue with spam filters sometimes catching our emails by mistake, we now offer the option to send you a text message to your mobile phone confirming that the proof email was sent so you can review it. Our policy with data is not to share it with third parties, any information including your mobile number is only used for the services you have requested like confirming a proof and never for marketing or offers.

If you have any questions about our Free Quotes & Artwork proofs, please feel free to contact us, you can message us on our live chat anytime and we can actually help you as you place a quote.