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Custom Printed QR Code Stickers

Add a QR code label for your products for easy smartphone scanning!

What are QR Codes? QR Codes, short for Quick Response Codes, give you the ability to pack a lot of information into a small space. These 2D barcodes can store over 3,500 alphanumeric characters on them! For starters, you could put your business card information on one with all of your complete contact information and add a list of your services, locations and more.
You can add a QR Code Sticker to your Products, Promotional Mailings, Shipping Cartons, Packing Lists, Special Offers, Event Invitations and Store Displays.
They work great for sending someone a URL website address to your website, to a picture, to an instructional page, to a Music Playlist, just about anything. QR Codes are easily readable by most smartphones and phone Apps.
Additionally, you can add a phone number so your customers can just scan the code and call your business directly.

QR Stickers for Kitchen Appliances
QR Stickers for Pizza Shops
QR Stickers for Podcasts
QR Stickers for Real Estate

  • Perfect to link to promotional pages.
  • We can create a QR code for you if you don't have one!
  • Great to provide a quick way to call your customer service or sales team!
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