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Browser Support and Help

Recommended Updates And Browser Support

To get the best experience browsing and ordering from Sticker.com we recommend keeping your web browser up-to date. Outdated web browsers don't support the lastest technologies and security updates available with modern web browsers, using an up-to-date browser will ensure the best experience using Sticker.com.

We recommend the using the lastest version of the following web browsers:

You can also use the latest version of Internet Explorer http://www.microsoft.com/ie but the browsers are recommended.

We Support Mobile Browsers as well running Apple's iOS or Google's Android

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled to access the site correctly.

To Enable Javascript and Cookies you can follow these steps based on your browser:

Google Chrome Chrome

  • Click Customize and Control and go to Options.
  • Click Under the Hood tab and go to Content Settings
  • Check the JavaScript - Allow all sites to run JavaScript box
  • Check the Cookies - Allow local data to be set box.

Firefox Firefox

  • Click Tools and go to Options
  • Click the Content tab.
  • Check the Enable Javascript box.
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • Check the Cookies tab Accept cookies box.

Safari Safari

  • Click Safari and go to the Preferences option
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Check the Enable Javascript box.
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • Under Cookies and Website Data Select Allow from websites I visit or Always Allow

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11

  • Click Tools and go to Internet Options
  • Click to open the Security tab
  • Click Custom levels and ensure Scripting is enabled
  • Click to open the Privacy tab
  • Under Settings heading set zone to Medium or Lower