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Bold White Letters on a Bright Red Background Durable Vinyl with Clean Removable Adhesive.

Large, Bold and Bright Red, these Sold stickers are weatherproof, sun fade resistant and completely removable without any staining or residue.

  • These are made to fit in a standard #10 Business Envelope.
  • Great for Marketing and Mailings to acquire new listings.
Size/Shape: 7.5" x 3.75" Square Corner Rectangle, see more specifications below.
Item #QuantityPrice
74109Pack of 10 Stickers$12.99 per PackOrder Online
74109-25Pack of 25 Stickers$17.99 per PackOrder Online
74109-50Pack of 50 Stickers$35.99 per PackOrder Online
74109-100Pack of 100 Stickers$63.99 per PackOrder Online

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Label Specifications

Label Dimensions:7.5" x 3.75" (19.05 x 9.53 cm) (190.5 x 95.25 mm)
Label Shape:Square Corner Rectangle
Label Material:Durable White Vinyl
Printed Colors:Red and White
Supplied:Cut Single

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