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Black & Orange on White Film

These Attention Getting stickers are perfect for getting noticed on paperwork, brochures, envelopes, just about anything. Supplied on a roll, they are easy to handle. Just peel them off the roll and apply.

Size/Shape: 0.75" Circle, see more specifications below.
Item #QuantityPrice
73004-44 Stickers per Pack$6.99 per PackOrder Online
73004-1212 Stickers per Pack$12.99 per PackOrder Online
7300448 Stickers per Pack$29.99 per PackOrder Online

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Label Specifications

Label Dimensions:0.75" (1.91cm) (19.05mm)
Label Shape:Circle
Label Material:White Film
Printed Colors:Black & Orange
Supplied:In Packs

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0.75" Diameter Circle Custom Printed Stickers

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0.75" Diameter Circle Custom Printed Stickers