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1.25 Inch Circle Guaranteed Virus Free Sticker

Add a reminder to your employees and customers

1.25" Circle Guaranteed Virus Free Sticker.
As a Sticker company, we developed a sticker to remind our employees how they can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. We thought, why not help others do the same.

Size/Shape: 1.25" Circle, see more specifications below.
Item #QuantityPrice
72368-5050 Stickers per Roll$9.75 per RollOrder Online
72368-100100 Stickers per Roll$14.75 per RollOrder Online
72368-500500 Stickers per Roll$29.75 per RollOrder Online
723681,000 Stickers per Roll$49.75 per RollOrder Online

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Label Specifications

Label Dimensions:1.25" (3.18cm) (31.75mm)
Label Shape:Circle
Label Material:White Gloss paper
Printed Colors:Green
Adhesive:Peel & Stick
Supplied:On Rolls

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