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Packing List Enclosed Sticker Envelopes

Stick to pre-sealed boxes with your packing slip

Our Packing List Sticker Envelopes

Our Packing List Stickers are the perfect way to attach a packing list to the outside of your shipments. Commonly referred to as "Packing slip on a Sticker", these envelopes have an adhesive back with a slit where you can put your packing slip, since the slit is in the back once you stick the envelopes to your package the slit will be sealed.

  • Easily fold your packing slip 4 ways to slide it in
  • Standard 5.5" Width x 4.5" Height
  • Perfect for pre-sealed boxes

"Packing List Enclosed" Sticker Envelopes

5.5" x 4.5" Square Corner Rectangle
Material: Plastic

100 Envelopes per Pack$9.99 per Pack
500 Envelopes per Pack$14.99 per Pack
1,000 Envelopes per Pack$29.00 per Pack